Agrifreez at the heart of Europe

Located in the village of Esquelbecq in Northern France,
we are close to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

The history of Agrifreez

Founded in 2003 by Bart HOFLACK following the takeover of the Flandor site, a manufacturer of vacuum-packed potatoes, the company is located in Esquelbecq in the heart of a region that is highly productive in terms of vegetables.

This industrial site has been optimised. The buildings have been modified according to requirements to include a vegetable preparation area with a transformer, boiler, steam peeler and cold storage areas.

In the early years, thanks to a large warehouse surface area, Agrifreez provided storage for various frozen vegetable distributors.

2011, a turning point for the company

The year 2011 marks an important turning point for the company. It began its first pea season and invested in innovative blanching and deep-freezing equipment, as well as its first packaging line. This new, sustainably-designed equipment incorporates modern automation.

In 2012, Agrifreez was awarded BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification and invested in a 2nd cold-storage room.

In 2015, Agrifreez was awarded IFS (International Food Standard) certification

A company in full growth

In the years that followed, Agrifreez continued to expand its range of vegetables and increase its production. It intensified its surveillance by acquiring optical sorters and offered new packaging solutions to meet the demands of as many customers as possible.

Agrifreez currently has 2 production lines, each equipped with an optical sorter, a blanching machine and a fluidised-bed deep-freezing tunnel.

In terms of storage, 6 cold-storage rooms have been installed.

In terms of packaging, Agrifreez has invested in 3 optical sorters, 5 sachet lines (400g to 2.5kg), 1 bag line (15 to 25kg), 1 octabin line and 1 mixing line.

A recent factory in the heart of Flanders

> 2 production workshops ≈ 10 000 m²
> 6 cold-storage rooms ≈ 25 000 m²
> 2 packaging workshops
> 3 ammonia machine rooms

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