Environmental commitment

Plot: The plot is selected on the basis of its soil, environment and water resources.

Seed: the seed or plant is selected from the best-known suppliers. Their choice is based on the desired quality of the vegetables and excludes all GMOs.

Soil preparation: The soil is prepared in the traditional way, using approved methods that respect the environment. 

Crop management: Our agronomy department monitors and recommends crop treatments to ensure that appropriate products are used in the right way and in the right quantities.

Fertilisation: Mineral and organic, fertilisation involves setting up a fertilisation plan and applying appropriate mineral fertilisers baased on regular soil analyses.

Harvesting: Our agronomy department monitors harvesting on a daily basis to ensure that plots are harvested at the right stage of ripeness, respecting the pre-harvest perdiod.

Processing at the factory: Incoming skips are systematically monitored to check the quality of the vegetables. Transport is carried out using dedicated skips and equipment.

Certification of producers & partners

We strongly encourage our partner farmers to be either VEGAPLAN or GLOBAL GAP certified.
Some partner farmers are ISO 14001 certified.

Of the 350 farmers involved with Agrifreez, 65% are certified.

Soil conservation and biodiversity

Crop rotation is respected and checked. As far as possible, we encourage 6 to 7 years cycles with different crops rotations.

CIPAN (nitrate trap intermediate crop) or other crops are used to avoid leaving the soil bare.

For many years now, farmers have been replanting hedgerows with local species to encourage the establishment of natural weeds, which can be used to control pests,, for example. Hedgerows are also important for game in this hunting region. Our key partner farmers also include a beekeeper.

Our engagements

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